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"Vicky gave a truly fantastic speech at eBay. Not only was her story inspirational and exhilarating, but it was also a great lesson in the importance of leadership in challenging conditions. She really captured the imagination of our team and left them with plenty to think about. She was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her, Thank you!"

Kit Glover, Senior Director, eBay.


After leading a team of amateur sailors successfully in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, Vicky is armed with gripping tales of life lived on the edge, the toughest of leadership challenges and stories of remarkable teamwork and human endeavour.

Vicky is passionate when it comes to sharing these challenges and the exciting stories behind them.  She brings to life her incredible achievements and memorable lessons to engage and inspire her audiences.

Vicky is an exciting and confident speaker with an inspiring and engaging style.  She has delighted each and every one of her clients.  What marks her out from the crowd is her adaptability and creativity.  She delivers uniquely tailored talks creating a powerful, exciting and relevant experience for each audience. 

Her current work in leadership consultancy and professional training allows her to draw parallels and reflect the sailing challenges and lessons into the workplace, making it applicable, no matter how far from the sea you are!

Her experience to date covers a broad spectrum of international public speaking including keynote, conference, after-dinner and networking events.  She complements her talk with exceptional footage and breath-taking videos to bring the stories to life.

In addition she is able to work with the client to add activities, team challenges, workshops, Q&As and training components to embed learning or to allow an audience to explore a topic further. 

Some of the common themes she talks on are:


When racing across oceans, uncertainty is the only certainty. Leadership decision have life or death consequences.  What can leaders learn about how to not only survive but to thrive in the ever changing global environment (without having to get as wet, cold and bruised as I did!)


What key components create a high performing team and how can they be built and led.  How can leaders align, motivate and inspire their teams, without using any of the traditional "stick or carrots".  This talk gives you the key to unlock the greatest secrets of leadership!


Personal motivation and leadership, developing resilience and how to be an inspirational leader to others.  Developing your confidence and authenticity as a leader.





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